anger is no match against the calming stillness of mindfulness

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

having bouts of anger
is an undeniable part of being human,
but controlling it is a skill worth learning;
it will not only save you from being painfully embroiled in its savage heat,
but it will also spare you from making foolish mistakes while rapt in its blinding fury.

begin by becoming a steadfast watcher of your emotions.

practice the habit of placing the focus of your attention
onto your feelings and sensations, as they arise.

in so doing,
you learn to reagin control
from all those negative states of mind
that previously ran amok.

anger is no match against one’s own mindfulness.

asserting mindfulness towards our anger
is like a mother tending to her crying baby;
her mere presence calms and comforts it.
by simply being present and attentive,
she soothes the child's frantic distress;
she lessens its pain.

so too does mindfulness calm our anger,
it removes the bitter sting
that causes us to lash out
in unskillful or vengeful ways.

when anger arises, focus on your breath;
be mindful, present and engaged
with all of the sensations you feel.
watch them,
notice them,
but don’t react,
then return back to your breath.

the innate calm of your inner being will take care of the rest,
the mere presence of your mindfulness is all that’s needed.

it is a practice however,
one that requires patience and continued, diligent attention.

but by being ever mindful,
you too can calm and tame the wild mind.