At all times, we are only ever knowing our Self

words & design by Brian Thompson.

The truth of me, is the truth of you.
The truth of you, is the truth of them.

As we recognize
all that we appear to see,
know that it is realized by the very same shared awareness
that all eyes see through their process of seeing.

Our awareness
is not personal, limited, or individual;
it is Universal—it is shared.

Like rays from the sun,
the one awareness illumines all things,
so that all things can be known.

We are all
this unified presence of infinite knowing.

Disregard the mind’s conceptualizations
of whatever it thinks about what it perceives;
abide only in the inner-quietude and aware presence
of the present-moment knowing.

This is the essence of beingness;
the suchness of the true Self;
the spiritual heart that permeates
All That Is.

Every sensation and observation,
from all every one and every thing,
is known by this very same knowing awareness;
for it is unbound by any limitations of localized memory;
its potential is infinite; its presence, eternal.

It is only the false ego that divides this truth of our aware presence,
that separates it away from the fullness of our present-moment knowing;
for it is the mind’s nature to attempt to make every perception its own,
by claiming each and every sensation as, “mine”.

This is the mind’s subjective duality;
but its translation is not so.

In truth, there is no such “me”,
who can possess any sensation or experience;
for they can only be known, as they appear;
all else is a memory, a fading reflection
of a knowing-that-once-was.

This truth is non-dual,
for it is one, with no second;
and such is the suchness
of the unifying presence of awareness
that is both the source and substance
in which all apparent appearances
arise within and appear.

At all times,
we are only ever knowing
our Self.

With this realization, it can then be understood,
that all seeming people, places, plants, animals and things,
are the sensory observation devices of consciousness,
for it to know its own expressions
through the multiplicities of our mutual perception.

All knowing
is consciousness knowing itself,
through itself, as itself, in itself.

We are its projection,
but we are also its reflection.

Awareness knows a gust of wind,
through the sensation of flight,
as perceived by a bird.

Awareness knows a blade of grass,
through a dog who knows it with his nose,
and through a goat who knows it through his tongue.

Awareness knows the soil,
through a tree who knows it with its roots,
and through a worm who knows it with its touch.

Awareness knows a flower
as seen through the many eyes of a honeybee,
and a worker in a field, and a florist in a store.

Awareness knows a fruit's sweet fragrance,
as sensed by all who smell it as they peal back its skin.

See your Self in all apparent people, places, plants, animals, minerals and things,
and all things will reflect their non-dual truth of the unified reality back to you;

This is the universal and undying presence
of peace, love and wisdom,
that is always available to us all,
as it is the very same inner Self
that we already all share.