Be present with what's present

words by Brian Thompson, photo by Jennifer Picard Photography.

Never mind the mind.
Go beyond, to no-mind.

Intuition before intellect,
for when there’s no-self present,
there’s no problems to be had.

See all that you are, beyond your mind.
You are not what you think.
You are not what you know.
You are not what you do.
You are not even how you feel.

You are Awareness.
You are Beingness.
It’s what you are.

When you see beyond the thinking mind,
you allow yourself to exist effortlessly in pure consciousness,
without any trappings of conceptual thought,
free from the duality of your endless opinions
about everything you perceive.

Free yourself from the pattern of desire, attachment and aversion,
not just in things and stuff, but in how you wish all things could be.

Notice all that is, and let it all end there.
Nothing more is needed,
only the experience of experience itself.

After all, this is it.

Live in this awareness.
Be the bliss that’s already within.

Live only in the ongoing experience of the ever-unfolding now,
not in the continual mental analysis that obscures true reality,
not in the tumultuous happenings and distractions
of your overthinking mind.

Be present with what’s present.
Be who you are, as you are, where you are,
perfectly content without any anxiety
of any non-perfections you may perceive
— know that these are only unjust discriminations of an overreaching mind,
too consumed with it’s selfish sense of self.

Be as you are.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Just Be.
This, right now.

Know that this Beingness need not be found,
for it is always available to us, it is always within.
In fact, it is who we are.
Everything else is only an illusion of mind that craves your continual attention.
Go beyond the internal chatter.
All that is, is this.
Be that.

Repeat after me:

I am infinite.
I am without limits.
I am beyond space, beyond time,
I am beyond anything I might think of as mine.
I am being.
I am.