Nothing is certain, so why do we pretend?

words and design by Brian Thompson.

Nothing is certain,
so why do we pretend
as if it is?

When we plod through our days
assuming everything will go as planned,
anticipating nothing unforeseen,
indifferent to all of the wonderment around,
we miss the unexpected and the improbable.

We miss the time of our lives,
until we truly open our eyes;
until we remove the blindfold of all our beliefs and opinions,
those that keep us from truly being able to see;
independent of limiting knowledge or any sense of identity.

Every moment is a mystery,
yearning to be explored,
to be experienced,
to be expressed.

Every instant is filled with awe;
every day an adventure,
just waiting to be had.

Lean into the unexpected!
Lean into the unknown!

Open your eyes and dive into all you cannot see!
Let your imagination be your guide,
let your thirst for astonishment be your map,
for they are born of the divine awareness
that vibrates through the very core of your being.

Adventures don’t happen all on their own;
we must unfold into them, here and now,
emboldened by our most curious intent;
they must be pursued!

It’s the seeker
who peels back her assumptions,
to reveal the ecstatic unknown.

It’s the traveller
who glimpses unseen wonders,
to make them all his own.

It’s the wanderer
who stumbles into the blossoms of bliss,
realize they've been blooming inside all along.

It’s the open-hearted
who absorbs the essence of the wind,
who tastes the infinite awakenings
that dance between all of the stars.

Every moment is a quest of the soul.
This is it—our time is now.

This is the time of our lives,
and the adventure’s already begun,
but, have you?

“There is no certainty; there is only adventure.”
—Roberto Assagioli