Claw your way to transcendence!

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

Claw your way to transcendence!

Fight to be free,
to be liberated from your illusion of self;
to be absolved from all your learn’d opinions;
to be cleansed from all your presumptive thought!

Cast aside all that chains you
to your conceptual beliefs.

Question yourself;
resist all inner resistance,
let go of all that proves to be untrue.

Discard every judgement;
dissolve all that you think you are,
and all that you assume to know.

Nothing is precious.
Nothing is to be saved.
Lay aside all that you hold dear.
Tear it all down!

Ignore your doubts;
dispose all cultural conditionings;
disregard any embattled points of view.

Allow no more meddling of mind
to impede you on your blissful way!

Know yourself for the unbound bundle of awareness
that you already are and always have been
—set yourself free!

Awaken to Awareness!

You are an unbridled force of infinite potential
who needs only to tune to the frequency
of unfettered consciousness that already dances within;
a clarity of awareness that’s undisturbed by a flexing mind.

Breathe, listen, observe,
act in accord with the flow of the moment
—and just Be!