Don’t believe—just Be.

words & design by Brian Thompson.

In Zen,
as soon as you believe,
you've missed the entire point.

Don’t believe—just Be.
Believing only distracts you
from seeing the truth of what Is.

Allow true knowing to blossom
from the transparency of your being;
muddled not by the conceptual fog of mind,
clouded not by dividing experience into two,
confused not by distinguishing any preference or opinion,
distracted not by assuming any presupposed knowledge.

Empty your mind
into the nothingness from whence it came.

No longer identify yourself as the subject
to which all things are thereby objectified by.

In all things,
see for yourself—
claim nothing as your own,
and all that Is will be proven to be true.

Illuminate the truth of all that Is!

Allow the pristine clarity of your Awareness
to shine upon all that is perceived;
watch your resistance to life evaporate
into the dissolving illusion of the false self
you once so desperately clung to and believed to be real.

“Cease identification with all phenomenality.”
—Wei Wu Wei