Don't let words define you

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

Don't let labels and definitions,
nor opinions and judgements
define you.

Don’t become attached to any singular ideology, or to any name or title
that tries to capture and bottle the entire essence
of your intricate and complex being.

These words are not you.
These concepts are not you.

Truth is indifferent to prejudice.

You are so much more
than a being who’s bound by such simple limitations of mortal construct.
You cannot be contained by such words, stereotypes or cultural cliches.

Do not let them hold power over you.

Words become tools of discrimination
when we identify our self with them,
and when we do, we engage in self-harm.

Any concept is limiting, but the true you is beyond any such limits.

Your true self is above what language can ever possibly communicate.
Your true being is beyond any parcel of opinions you might identify yourself with.

Rise above
the labels you attribute to yourself;
they confine and constrict you,
they make you question your value, your potential and your ability.

Our words impart false judgements.
They paint incomplete pictures with one-sided opinions.
They cause us to treat each other, and ourselves, unfairly.

They are used to separate us from one another,
and from seeing our true selves.

Perhaps I’m being too obscure,
so let me get straight to the point:

You are not “just a dumb janitor”
— don’t let these words affect what you’re capable of.

You are not “just a sad and depressed heartbroken girl”
— your words of self-loathing only make you more miserable.

You are not a “failure”, a “nerd”, a “liberal”, an “atheist”, or whatever else you think you are
— such one-sided labels of identity segregate you from experiencing the totality of your being.

Nor are you as “rich and successful” as you might think you are
— your high opinion of yourself is fractured when material wealth is placed in such esteemed regard.

Your ego is playing a game of hide and seek with you.
Can you spot where it’s hiding now?
It’s hiding behind all of the things you think of yourself.

Whatever words you use to describe yourself, know that you are much more than whatever they seem to imply.

The true you is not attached to any one particular thought of self you have,
nor is your neighbour the person who you’ve pigeonholed them to be as well.

Go beyond all of your concepts and perceptions,
you will find that only truth remains.