don’t regret a life unexplored

words by Brian Thompson, photo by Jennifer Picard Photography.

hiding within our dreams
lurks our deepest fears,
for without them,
our dream is just another everyday, ordinary thing.

at the heart of all the greatest myths and stories
is an inner test that must first be won,
one that separates heroes and legends
from ordinary men.

this is the battle of self
that all who aspire to do what they love
must one day bravely confront.
this is a duel of the wits;
it's you against yourself,
it’s either you or your dream.
this is a fight between who we want to become,
and who we’re afraid we might end up being.

don’t be fooled,
this isn’t about attaining material success;
this is about achieving mastery of self,
and fixing whatever's not working in your life.
this is about improving your outlook by doing the daring,
by pursuing all those things your heart yearns for,
yet you’re too fearful and timid to try.

this is about defeating whatever odds seem to be stacked against you.

this is a call for you
to rise to the challenge;
not only once nor twice,
but continually — until all resistance finally scatters and runs.

face your fears
until they fade in the radiant face of your accomplishment.

be your own inspiration.

don’t regret a life unexplored,
your dreams want to be chased.
you are a legend by you own doing.