Empty Your Mind Into Emptiness

words & design by Brian Thompson.

“True emptiness is also empty of emptiness and thus includes all things.” —Red Pine

Empty your mind
into emptiness.

Empty of desire,
empty of aversion,
empty of ignorance.

In emptiness,
we are one with All;
with no separation;
with no distinction
setting this apart from that;
without leaning to any particular side.

No gain, no loss—infinitely aware;
free of any sense of self,
free of any preference or inclination.

In emptiness,
there are no sides to choose,
there is only the indivisible wholeness
of all that Is.

In emptiness,
the truth of all things reside
—together and one.

This is the suchness of things.
It allows us to Be.

Empty of any avarice,
empty of any disgust,
empty of any assumption,
empty of everything we believe to know.

Eternity echoes in emptiness,
it pulses through your every pore,
it sustains your every breath,
it vibrates through every word you speak.

Emptiness contains All.

It is emptiness
that gives a vessel its function;
that gives a cello its sound;
that gives the sky to the birds;
that gives a heart its unbound love;
that gives you a home to reside.

Without emptiness nothing could Be.

You are not independent,
nor segregated from anything;
you are inclusive of all there is,
and all there ever was.

In emptiness,
nothing is added
and nothing is taken away.

Cast away any shadow of mind
that might suggest otherwise;
empty all thought of untrue perception.

Emanate the essence of your being
from this empty and untarnished clarity
of your infinite and undistracted Awareness.

Into the void.

In emptiness we dwell,
and in emptiness we shall forever remain.