finding joy in all of the small things

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

when you learn to find joy in all of the small things,
it’s so much easier to realize that everything will forever be ok.

your happiness is no longer defined
by all of the trivialities of the unnatural or manmade.

stress falls away,
gratitude and appreciation grows,
and all of the mundane dramas we used to wallow in
matter less and less.

when you find joy in all of the small things,
you no longer need to look to status, wealth and stuff
as the sole factors for your health, happiness and well-being.

you no longer find a need to distract yourself from life
by overwhelming your senses with non-stop stimuli,
just so you can numb yourself from the constant struggle
that comes with being so attached to stuff of the material world
— because now, you find joy within everything.

know this;
if you look for wonder, you will find it.
if you look for beauty in the unnoticed, it is there.
find your intrigue in the insignificant,
find your fascination in all of the previously overlooked,
find your awe in even the smallest of cracks where only a sliver of light shines in.

joy is found in whatever’s in front of you, here and now;
not in dreaming of tomorrow, nor in reliving the glory of days past.

your life only happens in front of you — it is whatever you make it to be.

don’t be fooled by any other pointless tricks of mind;
when you learn that you truly don't lack anything at all,
and that you no longer need any extra things to make you smile,
the world abounds with abundance and beauty.

don't delude yourself by attaching your joy
onto impermanent things that will whither, rust and fade;
instead, soak yourself in the effervescent bliss and aliveness
that eternally bubbles into all that is here and now.

look closer.

allow your mind to be wowed by each passing moment.
be transfixed by the very being of life that exists within all things,
it is there.

renew your childlike creativity — see the world anew.

find joy in all of the small things;
let your newfound wonder wipe your worries away.