Forever Unfolding Into, I Am

words & design by Brian Thompson.

I'll be over here...

blissfuly abiding
in the radical acceptance
of the present moment,
where I challenge nothing,
nor desire anything to be changed,
where I hold no opinions for or against,
where I have no preferences or distinctions,
where there is nothing to resist,
and where I am perfectly content,
with all as it already is.

There is nothing to be strived for,
there is nothing to be gained;
there is only absolute fullness;
in the doing, in the happening,
in the noticing, in the being;
of all that is here and now.

This is my calm,
and this is my peace;
it can only exist in me,
as me, and through me.

In this stillness,
I find myself lacking nothing.
In this emptiness,
I realize I am already complete.

Into this void I merge,
with all things that are already One,
with which I've always been a part,
but have always considered myself distinct.

As I settle this moving mind,
the names of things melt,
their attributes fade,
and all I see is the exquisite intimacy
of the wordless and boundless truth
that awareness continually unfolds into my being.

There is no knower,
there is nothing known,
there is only this knowing,
which forever unfolds into,
I Am.