Freedom Can Only Be Found Within

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

“People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought, which they seldom use.”
—Soren Kierkegaard

Freedom can only be found within,
when our thoughts are unattached
to such concepts of mind as
rules, opinions, judgements, dogma and beliefs.

A free mind is an open heart,
an open heart is a free Self;
no longer struggling with conflicting thought,
no longer torn in two by the disparity of opposition.

Peace is found in the unity of our Self,
not in the duality of all the calamities
we create within our mind.

To purge the unreliable and unreal
from all that we hold to be true,
we must distance our Self
from all of our mental formations,
we must observe our mind,
we must witness our thoughts,
without clinging to whatever it is we find.

Created by mind;
a dream is only a dream,
an opinion is only an opinion,
a thought is only a thought.
All of the intense emotions we feel
are how we react
when we believe these concepts to be real.

The truth of our being,
and the freedom of our true Self,
can only be realized
when all of the illusions we believe
are fully exposed.

It is not the outside world that is false,
it is only that which we hold to be true inside.

Suffering only exists within,
but so too does our freedom.

Only in the shining light of our individual self-inquiry,
when all of our thoughts are examined deeply,
and we study where they come from and why they arise,
will the truth of our nature will be revealed for all that it is,
and all of our illusions will vanish,
just like a fog dissipating in the presence of the sun.