gratitude changes everything

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

the art of acceptance
is transformative and powerful,
a life changing behaviour.

by accepting,
we stop resisting.
we struggle no more.
we smile at the inevitable.
we laugh at the folly of our ways.
we nod our heads at the unexpected,
and simply say, “and so it is".

embrace the beauty
of each passing moment
for its clarity and purpose,
and all the wisdom it brings.

gratitude changes everything!

it gets rid of victimhood.
it removes blame.
it takes back your power,
rather than giving it all away
to whatever is beyond our control.

i am grateful for all my failures;
i have no regrets,
for everything i’ve done
and everything i’ve seen
has made me into who i am today.

gratitude welcomes new understandings.
it ushers in new learnings
from all that didn’t work for us before.

gratitude nurtures our inner wisdom.

create inner peace
through finding absolute contentment
in whatever moment you're now in,
rather than fretting it away
complaining about the past
or worrying for the future.

accept each moment
and be grateful for what is.
after all, that’s exactly what happiness is.