Happiness can only come from within

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

It can't be said enough
—Happiness can only come from within.

We hear these words so often,
that by now you'd think it'd be accepted as true;
yet many people just roll their eyes,
and then continue to grumble
throughout the rest of their day.

But stop for a moment and wonder;
How do you think you might feel
if you looked for the beauty within all things,
rather than only looking for imperfection and pain?

Know this:
Whatever you choose to focus on today,
will determine how you feel tonight.

Your mind creates your mood
—not the circumstances you find yourself in.

So where are you spending
your valuable energy and time?

If you seek perfection within all things,
you will find it.
But if you choose to look for pain,
then you will find that too.

Negativity is a habit
—but so is being happy!
And thankfully,
habits can be changed.

Yes, at first it will require great effort,
but as new routines of body and mind are formed,
the darkness will dim and the light will begin to shine.

Life is sandwiched between two inescapable eternities;
every moment, precious;
every moment, to be savoured;
every moment, to be fully experienced
for the inexplicable wonder that it truly is.

We can always change how we feel;
it begins with how we choose to perceive the world.

The choice is always ours.