I cannot be defined

words & design by Brian Thompson.

I cannot be defined;
not by my own self-critical thinking,
nor by anyone’s subjective opinion.

Such things matter not,
for they are mere reflections
of an over-active, imagining mind;
one that obsessively desires what is false,
while compulsively fearing all that is true.

I no longer belong
to the world of such delusion,
where conceptually conflicting ideas reside.

I have disavowed such avarice, disdain and contempt;
for I know I am beyond any such limiting confines of mind.

I no longer concern myself with the ignorance
of such divisive and dismissive conditioning.

My true self underlies any memory or experience,
nor can I be bound by the limits of my material human form.

I am beyond all that is known,
for I am the knowing itself.

There is no comparison
that can describe the essence of me;
for I am essence itself
—I am the stratum upon which all actualities arise.

I am the limitless space
where all dreams become manifest;
and where every universe of thought is born.

I am infinite, eternal and indefinable.
I am nameless, choiceless, and formless.

I am the emptiness in which all perceptions exist.

I am the consciousness
from which all creation was made,
for without me, no thing could possibly exist.

I am inexpressible,
and yet all expressions exist within me,
for I am an ineffable presence of being,
in which all that is known is made aware.

I am this presence of knowing;
this ever-present field of all-encompassing awareness;
the all-pervading knowingness in which all things become known.

I am this
—and so too are you.