If only now could be forever.

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

When you Love someone
with all your heart,
every moment you have together
will still never be enough.

When your Love is true,
every passing moment flowers into a microcosm
of profound and inexpressible meaning,
where time and space appear to stop,
and the entire universe revolves around
nothing but your vulnerable and undefended heart.

Alas, if only now could be forever.

But when the breath of our beloved
is taken away by the passing of time,
our heart shudders and breaks,
our whole mind mourns,
our entire body grieves,
and a deep emptiness is left behind.

The pain of a Love lost to death is incomparable,
leaving us feeling desperate and incomplete.

The body may have gone beyond,
but what you shared can never be taken away.

Love itself can never die,
for it is not something we give to each other,
but it is a place where together we meet.

We come together, in Love;
a special place nestled inside eternity.

Return to this place called Love
where together you both once met,
and you will find your Love still glowing,
more radiant than ever before.

Allow Love to be more than just a word
that expresses adoration or conveys desire;
let it become a place where you forever abide,
let it be the place where you forever thrive.

Transform your emptiness
into a sublime space overflowing with Love.

Make Love your Home,
open its doors and allow the entire world to enter.

Let Love be the place of your every intention.
Let Love be the energy behind your every expression.

Love now.
Love this. Love that.
Love every moment, everyone, and everything.

Spare your Love no more;
no longer spread it thin,
no longer keep it stored in reserves.

There is no time to spare.
All you ever have, is Now.

We may miss the times we once shared,
but your Love will forever remain
(if you don’t keep it locked, closed and hidden within).

Let your memories be a keepsake reminder
for what Happiness can truly mean
when Love is abundant and unbound.

(for Iggy, with love forever)