Into the emptiness of the world

words and design by Brian Thompson.

We project our countless desires and fears,
into the perfect emptiness of the world,
thereby filling our minds with manifestations
of their conceived-of forms.

We create this world in which we live;
a conjuring from our consciousness;
a dream of mind, perfectly unfolding,
creating the illusion of all space and time.

The delusion is strong,
but the essence of its underlying Reality
allows us each to say,

Our I AM’s
are one and the same;
a shared Universal Consciousness,
experiencing itself through a multiplicity
of different yet simultaneous dreams.

I AM timeless;
I AM beyond any possible temporal limitation.

I AM not the dream,
I AM the dreaming itself.
I AM awareness perceiving,
I AM the knowing that knows,
I AM the infinite and choiceless presence
in which all imaginings appear and are contained.

I AM only this moment;
but this moment is eternal;
as AM I.

I AM boundless,
confined only by conceptual thought;
all of which, I AM not,
but within me, all thoughts appear.

I AM Absolute Reality;
I AM Pure Consciousness;
I AM the essence of every presence,
in which I AM forever present.

I AM That, I AM.