Know yourself to be the knowing that knows

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Until the shadows of our ignorance part,
and the truth of realization dawns upon us,
revealing the infinite nature of our boundless Being,
we will continue to suffer and dwell in the duality of mind,
where all things that are one, unified, together, complementary and whole,
seemingly appear as separate, divided, opposed, distinct and defined.

We have been torn in two by our conditioning,
we must reconcile the disparity between that which we think,
and that which we Are.

The thing is, most of us know no other way to be;
and so we continue to believe in the dreamworld that’s ruled by thought,
that's created by an unsettled, defensive, insecure and subjective mind.

We are forever betwixt and between this and that.

We're consumed with conceptualizing everything we encounter,
comparing everything we sense and see
with whatever might possibly contrast against it.

In doing so, we reduce the spontaneity and beautiful complexity
of all our indescribable experiences
(as they so naturally, effortlessly and namelessly appear),
into names and forms, objects and things, concepts, opinions and ideas.

We’ve become so semantic in how we relate to the world,
that we overlook the obvious truth of our universal symbiosis.

We must no longer blindly accept our assumptions,
for they only obscure the truth with relative speculations,
incomplete interpretations and insincere, partial understandings.

Our consciousness is much more cosmic than that.

Our imagination has distorted all of that which is real,
resulting in countless problems that aren’t actually there.
Our worries and predicaments are self-created;
they exist only within our dream.

Abandon your illusions.
Question everything you think,
destroy everything you believe and know.

Walk away from ignorance and self-delusion,
there is no bliss to be found in the absence of free will.

Unleash yourself from the mind
that has not only created your pain,
but has tethered you to it.

Seek true intimacy with life,
by being undistracted in the eternal now
(as it happens and as it forever comes),
by no longer engaging thought in debate;
by no longer grasping for explanation or meaning,
by no longer being concerned with any fame or gain,
by no longer looking for things to be different than what they presently are,
by allowing every moment to settle into the void from whence it came.

Walk away from needless reason,
all apparent things are non-existent and empty
—including you.

The Truth is nameless,
it cannot be contained by mere thought or words.

Rely only upon the natural intelligence
that’s inherent within the body-mind organism;
trusting it to navigate the sea of worldly conduct
(as it needs and as it intuitively will),
trusting it to maintain the demands of its own biology
(as it already so freely flows).

You don’t need to think to breathe,
nor do you need to think to Be
—let this be your spark to awaken!

We needn’t be so involved in our mental commentary,
we needn’t be so concerned with our sense of self,
or all of the personal drama we've created alongside it;
for there’s no worse of an addiction than this.

Alas, the self that we presume to be,
has led us so far astray,
that few will ever know
who they actually are.

You are not the avatar that you project into the world.

Settle into the silence of your knowing;
abide in the still and empty presence
of your limitless and loving awareness.

Be that
which you already are.

Disengage your mind,
and see how YOU shine upon all things
—freeely, openly and effortlessly—
and how all things shine within YOU.

Know yourself to be the knowing that knows.