Let your existence be enough for a moment

Take each moment as it comes,
fully and completely.

Immerse your entire being
in whatever is present
— here and Now.

After all,
THIS is Life — right Now.

It's not yesterday,
it's not tomorrow,
it's not even ten minutes from now.

There's nothing else to wait for
— THIS is it.

Life exists not in the past,
it's only a fading memory.

It's not in the future,
it's only a whimsical dream.

is not in wishing
for this precise moment to be any different
than what it currently is
— doing so is only an obscene denial
of the very fabric with which reality is weaved.

Life need not be found,
nor do you need to find any more Time
— you're in the thick of it, here and Now.

Give yourself entirely
to the task of being mindfully present,
in each and every moment,
selflessly and whole-heartedly.

Don't think about it
— BE It.

You need nothing more
— THIS is It.

Embrace the profound beauty
of all that goes unnoticed
in all of the untold moments;
where time stands still,
and Infinity opens its arms,
welcoming you into the ever-present,
ever-flowing, wondrous NOW.

“Let your existence be enough for a moment.”
—Bryant McGill

thanks to Bryant McGill from Simple Reminders for today's poetic inspiration