Love Is.

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

Love is.
It is not something you have,
it is something you are.

Love is effortless understanding.
It is non-judging acceptance.
It is unconditional and forgiving.

Love is gracious and kind.
It is honest and giving.
It is effortless patience, empathy and compassion.

Love is wonder. Love is awe.
It is lighthearted and humorous, intoxicating and exciting.

Love is unwavering respect.
It is selfless and humble, honourable and courageous.
It is noble action in the face of adversity.

Love is total appreciation for all that is,
and all that isn't.

Love is absolute freedom,
without any attachment to a separate sense of self,
without any attachment to people, places, thoughts or things.

Love can never be taken,
nor can it ever be bought, bribed or sold;
it can only be shared.

It isn't a feeling, nor is it a state of mind;
it’s a place where you come from,
it’s at the heart of all that you do.

Love is that innate place within
where you were born from and into,
and no matter what happens or where you go,
and no matter how much it’s been lost or forgotten,
it’s always with you — for it is the home of all that is.

Love is not something I can give to you, nor can you give it to me,
for it is only a place where we can both meet — together —
but only when its flame is already alit within each of our hearts.

This is why the sages from across the ages have always said,
“One must first love themselves, before they can love another”,
for if you cannot accept yourself,
then how could you ever accept someone else?

Love is not something you can seek from any another being,
not is it something you can use to fill an empty hole inside.
Love refuses to be clung to or held.

It is that overwhelming sense of oneness and connection
that needs no words, that needs no reasoning nor explanation;
it is the effortless unity of all who share her sacred space.

It is a profound blanket of unspeakable appreciation
in which you wrap your entire naked being.

It needs no reason.

Love is timeless wisdom,
for it is the place where our higher mind dwells,
and is the very source of the stream of life itself.

Love is pure awareness.
It permeates, it vibrates.
It transforms.

It is the essence of all that is;
but it cannot be searched for,
nor can it ever be found.

It can only be self-realized.
Love is the bliss of consciousness of existence.
Nothing more is needed.

Love is.
You are.
I am.

Let your thinking mind be extinguished in love.

“If I go into the place in myself that is love, and you go into the place in yourself that is love, we are together in love. Then you and I are truly in love, the state of being love. That's the entrance to Oneness.”
—Ram Dass