Make every moment a meditation

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

Allow yourself to flow through each moment,
without struggle, without any worried thought,
without resisting the nature of the current,
without fighting the rush of any oncoming waves.

Swim with the stream of life,
not against it.

Surf effortlessly,
one moment into the next,
without any hesitation.

Whatever is happening cannot be changed.

React, without telling yourself stories
that cause you to discriminate between this or that;
such perceptions are inconsequential,
they are fiction and filled only with delusion.

There is no need to wish for things to be any other way
than what they already are,
such thoughts will only fill you with hopelessness and despair.
The reality of whatever is happening right now,
in this very instant, cannot be resisted,
no matter how desperately you try.

Act, don’t try.
Do, don't dwell.

We must do, only for the sake of the doing itself,
without expectation of any particular outcome.

We must accept each moment
as effortlessly as each incoming breath,
without any discernment between this one or the next.
Each one is a blessing, every one is a gift.

This very moment contains infinite lessons,
and all that we'll ever need;
we only need to awaken to their teachings.

Our wisdom is gained
only through our direct and present experience;
it can only be found in the here and now, and nowhere else.

This is it.
Right now is all we ever have.
Resist it not.

Make every moment a meditation.