Nothing is Necessary

words & design by Brian Thompson, photo by Jennifer Picard Photography.

Nothing means anything;
so rather than believe in something
(that isn’t truly there),
believe in nothing at all.

For if it can be thought,
then it can’t be believed;
and if it can be spoken,
then it certainly isn’t true,
—don’t be deceived.

Your distinctions
divide you from the true;
they distance you from the real.

Trust nothing;
for if you seek truth,
then it is nothing
that is absolutely necessary.

With nothing to stand in your view,
all things can be seen
—emptiness reveals all.

Empty your mind
into the stillness of nothing.
Be one with this emptiness;
become no-thing, with no-self.

Be still in no-mind;
at peace with yourself,
at peace with the world;
placid in time, being.

Be single-pointed in awareness,
undistracted by any inclination or opinion;
eternally present—here and now.

Let no thought waver you
from centre-pointed intent,
for it is the wisdom of intuition
that is the only guide you need.

Claim nothing as your own,
desire not a thing;
know no-thing,
as nothing is necessary,
for truth to be revealed.

Live in unwavering awareness;
still, silent and empty,
with no duality of thought.

Remove all filters!
Open all blinds!

Penetrate the true essence of nature
with calm, undivided presence.

You are a beacon of universal consciousness,
pulsing with the infinite light of pure being,
illuminating all that you perceive.

Become one.
No-thing is necessary.

When all preferences and beliefs are forever done with,
you are the ocean of infinite awareness that remains.

Repeat after me, I am this.
I am.