Reality is thoughtless

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Truth is without any distinction
—reality is thoughtless.

You are essence, not a thought.
You are presence, not a person.

You are existence, consciousness, bliss

The truth of you
is the mindful observer of all that Is;
the ever-present witness,
I, Awareness.

This is Self;
the knowing of the known.

You are the emptiness of the formless;
the nothingness of non-being
from which all apparent existences arise.

You are each instance of perceiving,
but not that which is perceived.

Life is a dream of consciousness,
in consciousness, through consciousness;
it experiences itself through you.

In truth, only Awareness Is.

It can’t be seen—it can only be sensed;
as it is what gives every sense their sensing.

Perceive this imperceivable;
turn your thinking mind back onto itself.

Reveal the bliss of Self,
reflected though your interstitial awareness;
that empty space between all words and thought,
that perfect silence from which all perceptions arise.

You are empty of any attribute other than this.

This is your I, Awareness.
To find peace, happiness and wellbeing,
abide in that which you already are.

Your conscious realization of this truth may be veiled,
but only by your thinking that it needs to be found.
In reality, its truth is ever-present;
it is always within you,
as it is the only You there actually Is.

Realize the Universal Self.

Empty your every belief.
Relax your thinking mind.
Resist the present moment no more.
Release every emotional attachment.
Ease all ponderous thought and speculation.
Dissolve any personal identification with form.
Open your heart to all that appears within its presence.
Soothe every tension, every worry and every conceptual effort.

This is the wonder of our being;
unburdened by the creative expression of all that Is,
surfing the infinite and all its profound perfection,
flowing with the wondrous wave of each and every perception,
unbound, limitless and free.

Wisdom is wordless.

You need no more striving,
you only need to be.

When you become thoughtless,
all that is real will be realized.

Such is the ultimate understanding;
the absolution of the Final Truth.