Smile and your mind will follow

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

and your mind will follow.

Close your eyes.

settle your thoughts
and simply focus on each incoming breath.

Abide in the light
of your own illuminating awareness.

Silently and patiently observe.
(Welcome to the Now)
What insight do you see?

to the perfection of the moment;
let each one wash over you,
one followed by the next;
a cascading waterfall of mutual happenings,
each, flowing into the eternal unknown
of the peaceful river of continuity.

This is the Tao of total understanding,
where struggles dissolve
and resistance disappears.

to the infinite nature of your true self,
unbound by any limiting self-perceptions,
unfettered by any thought or opinion,
free from a fearful mind.

Just be, happily—
present and aware.

Go with the flow of the moment
—reveal your eternal smile.