Mistaken Beliefs

Words and image design by Brian Thompson.

Problems exist
only because you believe they do.

But in truth, there are no problems,
there are only mistaken beliefs.

No longer exert your conscious energy
to further the anxious movements of the mind.

The ego twists how you perceive the world,
making things appear to be personal,
when in truth, all things are empty and inert.

To find inner peace,
you only need to stop;
stop reacting to conditions,
stop resisting that which you cannot control,
stop looking for answers, reasons, meanings and purposes,
and simply stop reinforcing any thought that tries to imply
things should be different than what they presently are.

Accept and allow whatever Is,
to simply Be.

This is peace.

Relax and observe all things
with a dispassionate detachment.

As consciousness, they do not concern you;
they only concern the ego, which you are not.

Allow all emotions, perceptions, and sensations
to be as they are.

Nothing can harm you,
for you, Awareness,
are infinite, eternal, and unchanging.

Let all thoughts fade
into the nothingness
from where they came.

Transcend the mind,
and simply leave it alone;
it has nothing to do with you.

When you are still within, all becomes quiet.
When you are mentally quiet, awareness shines clear.
When awareness is aware of its pure and undistracted Self, all is well.

This is what it means to be free.