The only chaos is that which stirs within the mind

Words and poster design by Brian Thompson.

The only chaos,
is that which stirs,
within the mind.

Without the mind's interference,
everything is perfect, as it is;
nothing needs changing.

The only problems,
are those the mind creates,
which you then self-identify with,
and that you then believe.

But nothing is as it seems.

From the mud,
a beautiful lotus appears;
and back into which,
it will soon dissolve.

From nothing,
all somethings appear;
and back to nothing,
all things will return.

Only nothingness remains.
Only nothingness Is.

Be this presence of nothingness;
return to your original, underlying nature.

Be an open and unbound field,
of spacious awareness,
where nothing is personal,
where everything is perfect,
and where all things are allowed to be,
no matter how they presently seem.

This is the compassion and contentment,
found within, and as, the true Self.

Observe the thoughts that appear to you.
Remain still within, no longer react.

Watch, listen and allow.

Be the grace
that affords the mind the space to be.
Be the emptiness of non-resistance,
from which the profound realization can flower
—"I am not the mind".

Never lose this awareness of awareness,
and know that you are nothing that appears within it.

You are consciousness, being.
You are not a thing.

Notice the space;
that exists between you and thought,
that exists between you and emotion,
that exists between you and your opinions of others and the world.

You are this space,
this emptiness,
this beautiful nothing.

You are the witnessing presence,
of all happenings of the body and mind,
of others and the world;
but you are not them.

how untouched thought,
soon disappears.

how emotion,
soon wears itself out.

Allow all to be, without judging,
without claiming personal ownership,
or that, “This feeling is me”.

No longer become involved with the mind,
or with whatever it projects onto reality,
just let it fizzle into your nothingness.

Know yourself as the pristine emptiness,
in which all perceptions and sensations appear;
free of them all.

Merge your sense of being,
into this presence of noticing.

Nothing is happening to no one.

Observe, listen, and in non-reactive quiescence;
be the loving and peaceful stillness,
in which the entire world turns.

In Nothing,
Absolute Perfection,
becomes Known.