What is this feeling of I, that I believe I am?

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Permit no more scattered thought;
it illuminates not.

To be confounded by conjecture,
is to emotionally flounder in untruth.

To be consumed by thought,
is to be lost entirely.

No longer be amused
by the incessant noise-of-mind;
no longer entertain any egoic assertion,
that mind tries to layer onto your
pristine, perfect and pure perceptions.

Concepts attempt to divide
the non-dual truth of reality
into illusory thought-forms of mind;
and when these delusions are believed,
we suffer from the fallout
of that which is inferred,
but altogether untrue.

Don’t be fooled by mind’s imagined dualities,
rather, contemplate your own presence of being.

Observe thought; witness mind.
Abide in dispassionate and detached self-awareness;
understand and know yourself,
through your own quiet self-investigation.

Place single-pointed attention,
solely onto the question,
"Who Am I?”

This alone will reveal
the underlying reality of all that Is,
which is; I Am.

I exist;
this and this alone,
I am certain of.

Who am I?

What is this feeling of I,
that I believe I am?

Is my sense of I Am,
simply this aware and intimate presence
that I and I alone truly know,
a feeling that allows me to confidently say,
I Am?

Anything other
than this undeniable truth,
is a conceptual fog of mind;
one that obscures the ever-present light
of the unbound and infinite awareness,
that I Am.

You are not a living body who thinks;
you are an ever-present presence of consciousness,
that perceives all apparent thoughts, emotions, and sensory sensations;
that perceives every thing the mind can possibly distinguish, experience and discern.

You are formless essence;
the aware knowingness,
that is the very suchness
of your sense of being.

You are that which knows,
not that which is known.

You are absolute presence;
not the person you appear to be.

You are the consciousness
in which all things appear.

You are Awareness itself,
the empty space in which the body-mind appears,
and the absolute nothingness
in which the entire universe is contained.

I Am That.
I Am.

In the self-realization of this inner-truth,
peace, happiness and contentment
is forever found.