Allowing awareness to know itself

Words and design by Brian Thompson.

is a mirror,
reflecting the contents of mind
back into consciousness,
creating an illusory feedback loop
we call, the world.

This world,
that is experienced,
that seems to be separate from you,
that seems to be outside of you,
is actually your own projection.

Whatever you see
is your own reflection.

Whatever you see,
already exists

to your own reality.

No longer rely
on the false continuity of thought,
that veils awareness from knowing itself,
that distracts reality from experiencing itself,
and that hides happiness from being self-realized.

Disrupt the conceptual mind,
by ignoring its opinionated notions.

No longer afford it the energy
of your awareness and attention.

Abide only in
the ever-fresh stream
of flowing consciousness;
knowing that you are its source,
knowing that you are its substance.

Here, the silence speaks,
and within your present presence,
infinite stillness is unbound.