The mind infers whatever the ego prefers

words & design by Brian Thompson.

The mind infers
whatever the ego prefers,
and such is the fog
of our self-delusion.

You perceive
whatever the ego suggests,
and so, you are always deceived
by whatever you believe.

Reality is always obscured
by false imaginings of mind.

All problems are dreamt;
we think them into being,
shaped by whatever our sense-of-self is,
that we presently believe ourselves to be.

The world is entirely your very own mental projection.

Observe your illusions of mind
for what they truly are;
expose them and be from of them.

Question everything you think:

From where did this thought come?
To whom does this emotion refer?
Who is the “I” that thinks this?
Who is the “me” who watches what the “I” thinks?

Who is the thinker?
Who is observing the thinker?

Inquire within.

You are not what you think,
and neither is anybody else,
nor the world;
nothing is as it appears.

The world is entirely inside your mind.
Know yourself. Quiet yourself.

Tune into your own conscious frequency.

Become aware of your own awareness,
in which all sense perceptions appear.

Cleanse your palate of perception.
See clearly—be empty of egoic pollution.

When you stop the mind
from spinning in its conceptual circles,
peace flowers from within its newfound stillness.