You, Consciousness, pervade all that Is

Words and image design by Brian Thompson.

Know the knowing of your Self;
That which is beyond any experience,
That which is beyond any feeling, emotion, thought, or sensation;
That which is pure consciousness,
the seed from which all perceptions grow.

Be that knowingness;
That which is the foundation,
upon which all experiences appear,
and in which all knowings are made aware.

Do not be invested or involved,
with whatever you observe;
either within yourself,
or within the world.

Remain dispassionately detached—
content with whatever IS;
conscious and aware.

React to nothing;
as every reaction is a false emotional appearance,
an illusion arising from the false ego-self.

All such egoic feelings and emotions are not truly yours;
they have nothing to do with you;
so just leave them completely alone.

You are not any conceivable thought;
for you are the peaceful Awareness,
in which all thoughts appear.

Be interested only in your Self;
not the person, but the conscious presence;
the suchness that permeates all that Is;
the suchness that is the unchanging essence,
within and underneath every experience;
that familiar presence of knowingness,
that unites all that is known,
and that can only be expressed as,
the Here and Now.

Be this Knowingness;
the silent witness to all that Is.

You, the Silent Observer,
are not contained within any temporal limitation,
of fleshy confine or mental entanglement;
you, Awareness, permeate all that Is.

You are the background behind every perception.

You—Pure Presence—are everywhere,
and yet, you are nowhere,
for you are nothing.

You are nothing that can be named,
for you are not a thing at all;
you are the blissful emptiness,
that allows all things to Be.

You, Consciousness,
pervade all that Is.

Your Presence is the Absolute Reality.
Nothing exists outside of you,
as you are all there Is.

Be free from the mind's concepts, ideas, beliefs and projections;
you are nothing that it imagines, asserts, or provokes.

Be empty of all such egoic illusion.

Whatever stories the mind spins,
know that they cannot exist without you,
for you are their Knowing.

You lend your unborn reality,
to their temporary illusion of being.

Realize that all things observed are mere appearances;
events of consciousness, happening within consciousness,
made of consciousness; which, you are the aware presence,
that enables them to appear.

You are both the dreaming and the dream.

It’s all You.
There is no separation between you or anything.
There is no division anywhere whatsoever;
All is One.

There is nothing you are not.

Know your Self as this all-encompassing Knowingness;
and realize that you are nothing that is known;
for you are the ever-present, infinite Knowing;
the empty and aware, conscious space,
in which the entire universe appears.