This Presence That Is Perceiving

words & design by Brian Thompson.

There is no future. There is no past.
All is now—there is only, this.

You only ever know now;
even if your mind tends to drift into the past;
it can only do so, here and now.

Nothing can exist outside of now.

There is only this present tense
and your perceiving of it.

The moment you leave the present,
through diverging avenues of thought,
you become lost within illusions of mind;
none of which have any truth;
none of which are here and now.

“But, what about that time when I…"

That is the past;
that I is not here, now.

“Yeah, but what if sometimes I…"

You are life, living—now.
You are this perceiving presence
that peacefully rests underneath
the breath that you now breathe.

You are momentary existence itself.
You are not a thought; you are not a memory;
you are not a projected belief.

You are consciousness, perceiving.

All the ideas you've formed
around your personal sense of an individual I,
are just dreams of mind;
they are ego's conception and creation;
a mental image that tries to define itself
through fading, tainted memories from the past.

But You are Now—you’ve never been anything other than now.

You are this conscious presence,
who perceives THIS,

Any thought that takes you outside of now,
is only a distraction from what is here, now.

Know that now is enough.
There is nothing you need from the past,
there is nothing you need from the future.

All is now;
and you are the awareness
in which all of this appears.

Anything other than this, is not.
Anything other than this, is mind.

You perceive mind,
but you are not what it creates;
you are not what it conceives;
you are not what it hopes to convince you into believing.

Do not identify with anything
other than your presence of awareness
in which all that is here and now appears.

You are the intimacy of beingness,
that is presently perceiving these very words;
that is expressing itself,
through the knowingness
of all that is here and now.

Let go of any idea that you are a person
existing within space and time;
the truth of you is beyond both;
as both are only ideas that appear to the real you.

You are consciousness;
but you are nothing what you are conscious of.

You are not relative to anything;
you alone, are Absolute

Awareness is timeless.
It is infinite and eternal;
and You are That.

Anything other than your empty and spacious presence of awareness,
that enables this precise moment to be perceived;
is mind—which is not you.

You are nothing other than now.
Get out of mind. Just leave it alone.
It will carry on just fine without you.

WHO perceives now?
WHO perceives here?

You are That.

You are not the one who thinks about this or that;
you are not the one who has ideas about what this moment means.

Who is it who perceives this moment?

Investigate your own experience of being.
Find out. Know yourself.

Who is it who hears,
the silence between the sounds?

Who is it who knows,
without needing any words?

Who is it who can simply be,
without adding any superfluous thought?

Realize this emptiness as your Self,
and you are free.

This is your true Self—and not anything you perceive.

You need only to wake up from the dream of time;
from the dream of mind; from the dream
of whatever you project as being mine.

You are complete; there is nothing you lack.

There is nothing to search for,
as you are already all that Is.

You are this presence of consciousness;
but you are not in the body; nor are you in the mind;
as they both appear within you—consciousness.

Consciousness is all that IS;
and You are That.

You are this empty and aware presence;
void of any name, form, object, label, opinion or definition.

This is the truth of you.

No longer be torn away from your true Self,
by the dualities the mind projects onto the world.
No longer be concerned with any phenomena that comes and goes.

No longer attach yourself to what you perceive.
Just let it pass; touch it not.
Don’t think. Just Be.

Observe your presence of beingness;
feel the suchness of your Self
at the heart of all perception.

Just keep quiet.
Silence the mind.
Observe your inner stillness.

Realize that You are That.

Stay within this silence of heart;
that which is always and forever there.

Remain in this awareness,
that which always Is.

Do not leave this place, as this is your home;
this is your Self—the Self of all that Is.

WHO cares about the mind?
WHO cares about the world?

Find the one who cares
and see it as the very source
of all imagining, distraction and untruths.

You are not the somebody whom the mind infers.

You are not the somebody who asserts its identity
into, onto, and through all perceptions and sensations.

You are the subtle awareness
in which the idea of a Me appears;
but you are not it.

You are the subtlest of the subtle.

You are not any experience.
You are not any circumstance.
You are not any predicament.
You are not any speculation.
You are not any sensation.

You are none of these.

You are the presence
that perceives all such things;
and yet, you are none of them.

Realize the unknown presence
that you already are.

Know that you are not a thing;
you are the knower of things.

You are no thing.

You are nothing;
and in this nothingness;
you are everything that Is.

You are the Self
in which all things appear.