Consciousness doesn't need thought

Words and design by Brian Thompson.

Thought offers a limited perspective;
it is never absolute.

And since all emotion is conditioned by mind;
the source from which it arises,
is tainted and untrue.

Awaken to your unconscious ignorance,
as perpetrated by the illusion of thought,
and all its false mental projections.

The more you trust the mind,
the more delusional you become.

This is your self-neurosis;
you believe your own lies.

When you identify with thought,
you suffer from its false limitations;
including the sense of lack, the sense of loss,
the sense of inadequacy, and the sense of confusion;
all of which you unknowingly attach
onto your personalized sense of self,
which you presume to be your final truth.

It is this false sense,
of not knowing your true nature,
that confines you to all sorts of needless psychological suffering.

But in truth,
your so-called spirit lacks nothing;
your awareness is the source of all that Is.

Consciousness doesn’t need thought,
but thought does need your conscious attention.

So, transcend thought.
Transmute the energy of thinking,
into a pure and ecstatic presence of being.

Deny the mind its fuel.

Abide in the empty field of still and alert awareness;
that spacious essence of profundity that is beyond mind;
an unconditioned consciousness that mind looks through,
but will never truly know.

There is a deep and intuitive knowingness
that is beyond thought; you’ll find your Self there.

The formless truth of the Selfless Self,
needs no forms to be, for it is relative to nothing,
as all forms are relative to it.

It alone, is Absolute.
And this is the Ultimate Reality.

All that Is,
is within you,
as you.