Spirituality is Not...

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Spirituality is not about becoming more successful,
it’s simply realizing the world is not how it appears.

It’s not about fitting into a new social group,
or becoming more wealthy or more popular,
or becoming more productive or attracting a beautiful mate.

Spirituality isn't a physical exercise;
it’s not about making the body more fit,
more toned or more sexy.

Spirituality isn’t a style;
it can’t be woven, beaded or worn.
It’s not about manifesting beautiful things,
believing they will bring happiness into one's life.

It’s a process of letting go,
of surrendering to the natural flow;
of realizing that you are an essence—not a person, not a mind, nor a thing.

Spirituality is simply a practice of getting to know the emptiness of one's true self.
It’s about seeing through one’s countless years of cultural conditioning and learned ignorance.

It's about ending one’s cycle of self-perpetuated emotional suffering,
by understanding the very delusions which created it.

It's not about gaining new knowledge,
it’s about realizing your inner wisdom.

It’s a clarity of seeing, unclouded by mind.

Spirituality is a process of ending all desire and fear,
by realizing that everything one needs, is already within.

It's a way of truly Being,
knowing that all external pleasures are temporary,
and that if relied upon, will only turn into pain.

Spirituality is an innate understanding,
that whatever is perceived to be outside one’s self,
will never be able to bring any lasting happiness or inner peace.

It is realizing the infinite and eternal suchness of one’s beingness;
that the Self—the Universal Consciousness—is all there Is;
that it alone is Absolute, and that it will always and forever remain;
and that You are That.

It's realizing that in one's open and aware presence of nothingness;
you are already full and complete.

Unbound; Being, is bliss.

Spirituality is an ongoing practice of embodying the harmony of all that is;
knowing that you are not apart from anything whatsoever,
but that you are one with All there Is.

It’s about ending all duality and delusion,
through inner contemplation and inquiry,
and coming to realize one’s true nature;
one that is already free in the totality and awareness
of all that is presently perceived.

Spirituality is not a destination. It is not a journey.
It is not a rulebook filled with rights and wrongs.

There is nothing to be gained.
There is nothing to lose but one's false imaginings.

Spirituality is an inner-unfolding of the truth;
one that is always here, now.

It is knowing, I Am;
and that that is enough,
because that’s all there ever Is.