The I that you perceive as being me, is not the same as the I that I perceive

words & design by Brian Thompson.

The I
that you perceive as being me,
is not the same
as the I that I perceive;

My I Am
is all that Is,
the all-pervading consciousness,
that is the essence of All;

I Am
is infinite;
but the human mind and body,
which I Am perceives,
is not;

for it is merely an appearance,
and all appearances fade and disappear;
while the emptiness in which they arise,
never dies, because it was never born.

The I Am,
is the Self that forever Is;
it alone, persists.

It is Unborn.

It is the formless,
in manifested form.

It is nothing,
appearing to be something.

I Am,
is this aware, conscious presence,
through which this sense of “me"
presently perceives the entire world.

I Am,
is faceless, formless and nameless;
it is the universal presence
in which all manifestations
arise within, appear,
and thereby become known.

It is the shared Universal Self,
of all that Is and Is Not.

I Am,
is witness to all phenomena;
but is not phenomenal itself.

It is not an object;
it is the noumenon of all existence;
it is the essence of all beingness,
in which all presences are known.

I Am,
is the infinite and eternal field
of unified, impersonal Awareness.

I Am That.
You Are That.

I Am.
This Is.
You Are.

This is the suchness
of the solitary Self;
at peace with itself, in itself, as itself;
loving all that is;
blissful and forever aware.

All is well.