Be free from what you are not 

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Be mindful
of your mentation;
pay it no concern,
give it no heed.

Pay close attention,
to the contents of consciousness,
remaining aware of your awareness.

Be as you are;
a presence, perceiving.

No further effort is needed.
Attach nothing onto this.

Ignore all desire,
disregard any fear.

Allow what is,
to simply be;
empty of resistance,
empty of analysis,
empty of critique.

Observe, detach, and be still.

No longer consider thoughts of I, me, my or mine;
they only distract, delude, and divide.

Live selflessly and spontaneously.

Identify only with awareness,
as awareness, in awareness.

Leave the world alone,
knowing it exists only within you, as you;
so place your single-pointed awareness entirely within.

Merge into the infinite;
you are the aware presence,
where the entire universe appears.

Cleanse your perceptions;
clarify your Self.

Allow any mental activity
to dissolve, untouched,
into the void from wherever it came.

None of it,
has anything to do with you.

Know your Self
only as emptiness;
the absolute nothingness,
in which all somethings arise.

There is no “you” that is conscious,
there is only consciousness,
and this is the totality
of your aware presence that is,
I Am.

You are the formless essence,
that affords all apparent forms,
their appearance and function.

You are the Knowing;
the light that illuminates.

You are That which is aware,
but not anything you are aware of.

Be empty of all thought,
no longer cherish your opinions;
transcend all that is seen,
including the human personhood
that you only appear to be.

In the infinite spaciousness
that is your unfettered inner silence,
the peace of pure presence is found;
unconditioned and unbound.

Realize yourself to be
truth, consciousness, bliss;
pure presence, absolutely free.

Free from you what you are not;
free to be as you already are,
and always have been.