the mindset of a master

words and photo by Brian Thompson.

what’s more powerful than money, position or fame?

i’ll give you a hint.
it’s nothing you can win, or bribe, or otherwise influence in a game of favour or luck.

it’s an unwavering belief in yourself.

it’s a determined confidence in your dream,
a steadfast conviction in your greatest intention,
an energized passion to give more than you ever expect to receive,
a brave willingness to go for it and try, without any hesitation or doubt,
a calm patience to wait, with the steadfast perseverance to endure, and an unflappable understanding
that you’ll have to fail many more times than you'll ever win.

this is absolute power;
unbeatable, unconquerable and with boundless potential,
for it can never be stripped away or taken by jealous hands,
it can never fade in the shiny aspirations of another who has won the majority vote,
it can never be drained, taxed or otherwise made bankrupt;
it relies on no one, or no thing —
only on one's own strength of character, belief and will.

no easy thing to come by, for sure.

this however,
is the mindset of a master;
no matter their current skill or talent,
no matter their resources or tools,
no matter their status or current predicament.

this is the unflinching mindset
of one who causes uncountable ripples in the present,
that stretch from shore to shore,
gracing the future with the fruit of today’s actions,
through nothing but the sheer force
of their whole-hearted, determined and focussed intent.

this is the achilles heal
of all those who prefer to wish and wait,
rather than to choose, commit and do.

look no further,
all your power and possibilities
already reside within.
your future will forever unfold
into whatever you choose to do
here and now, in this ever-expanding moment.

brian thompson