A desire fulfilled only creates more desire

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Don’t try to be this,
don’t try to be that.

Just Be.

Be what you already Are,
an infinite presence of consciousness,
with no limitations,
who is defined only by your own definitions
(all of which are false).

There is a profound and peaceful emptiness
that is what you already are,
that's merely hidden underneath layers
of imagined identity and obstructing belief.

Why bother trying to be
something that’s impossible to become?

You think you are something special
—but you are not.

You are nothing.
And by that, I mean that you are no-thing.
You are not a thing!

The truth of You
is an empty and aware presence
in which all apparent things and thoughts seem to appear.

The truth of You can be no-thing
other than this absolute nothingness,
for it is the very suchness of all that Is!

You are That.

There is nothing to be,
there is nothing to become;
other than simply awakening
to your always-present presence of awareness.

YOU are the essence,
from which arises the profundity of simply realizing,
I Am.

When you strive to be ‘something’,
you only cause yourself to continue striving for more, more, more.

Do you not see
how a desire fulfilled,
only creates more desire?

It is insatiable.

There is no end to desire,
other than ending any and all desire to desire.

Be still, fidget not.
Sit in the silence of your self,
allowing your mind to settle.

There is no-thing to fear.
Do not run away from your very own beingness,
as this is the very problem that plagues you
—you simply don’t know who you Are.

Awaken to the inner contentment
which awaits you at the core of your every experience,
that is obscured only by your senseless desires and fears.

You must realize
that you are already
All That Is.

You are consciousness experiencing itself.

By simply Being
all of that which you already Are,
which is this ever-present and aware presence of consciousness,
through which you are always perceiving, sensing and experiencing,
you thereby surrender your ego's attachment
to any falsely imagined sense of lack,
that otherwise pervades your sense of self
and that you have always assumed yourself to be.

By simply Being,
without the overwrought meddling of conceptual thought,
you allow your natural and creative expression of Pure Presence to freely flow,
and to flower into and inside the emptiness that IS your infinite potentiality,
so that it too can simply Be all that it already Is.

Don’t strive. Don’t search. Don’t try. Don’t react.
Just Be—peacefully.

Uncover that which has always been,
and you will realize all that you’ve forever dreamed
—the bliss of effortless, joyful and loving Being.

Welcome to your Self.