No longer be held captive by other people's opinions

poster quote courtesy of Simple Reminders.

“Care what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.” —Lao Tzu

No longer concern yourself with another person's opinion;
realize that people's thoughts are just like passing clouds
that are shaped by the weather of their inner environment,
which are then projected onto the rest of the world they perceive.

When an unsettled storm of discontent swirls inside a person,
any resistance they have to their very own suffering
will cast dark shadows onto others around them;
distorting their perceptions of reality,
sullying their thoughts of even the most innocent.

No longer be held captive
by any such superficial fluctuations of another person's mind.

They are in their dream—this is yours.
We can only awaken ourselves.

You can do nothing
about the nature of another person's temperament
(which is responsible for how they judge their external word),
other than accepting it for the momentary flicker
of mental phenomena that it truly is.

Weather patterns change quickly;
and so do minds and their moody subjectivity,
which they randomly impart onto whoever's within reach.

Rely only upon your own true and authentic voice;
that echoes from your undefended and open heart;
the one of loving-kindness and compassion,
the one of unbound wisdom and love,
the only place where peace and contentment can be found;
the one that abides in the presence of your choiceless awareness
and in your total acceptance of whatever the winds of change might bring.