Earthquakes of the Soul

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

Your life will change when you realize
that it’s not you against the world,
but rather, it’s you against yourself.

When you stop blaming others;
when you stop hating yourself;
when you stop psyching yourself out
with pointless doubt, fear of the unknown,
and endless questioning of your abilities and self-worth,
it’s like finally letting go
after holding on to an uncomfortably long breath
—your mind relaxes,
and it sighs with relief
after releasing the panic from gasping for air.

Your future sits in your very own hands.
Your happiness, contentment, well-being and sense of success,
wait for no one else.

It’s a choice you make,
every day and every moment,
with each thought and with every breath.

When you stop resisting what already is,
you’ll see that there’s really nothing left to fight,
and that you’re already free and clear to finally do what’s right.

You and you alone,
control the decisions in your life.
Place no blame. Seek no scapegoat.
Wallow not in victimhood.
You and you alone,
cause and create the anxieties, dramas and conflict
in which you are so deeply immersed,
and in which you so negatively react.

These are the earthquakes of your soul that cause the tsunamis in your life.

When you make the decision
to get out of your own way,
to take control of the thoughts you think,
to squash the pointless ruminating,
and always saying “Oh, woe is me!”; and when you quit bathing in the murky waters
that circle inside your head,
you can and will
live the quixotic life you’ve always imagined;
unentangled and unencumbered
—open to the wonders
of your innate and infinite potential.

It begins
by being self-aware.