Do not reason with the unreasonable

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Don’t be swallowed by another person’s anger, vitriol, anxiety or hate.

Do not entertain anyone’s personal drama whatsoever.
Regardless of its nature, realize that it doesn’t actually exist,
despite the strength of its outward appearance.

It has no substance outside of the mind that thinks it.

Becoming emotionally entangled
in the imaginings of another person's distressed mind,
will only lead to your very own unease and discontent.

Have compassion, yes.
Help wherever possible; but remain detached.

Do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed
by another person’s stress.

Do not reason with the unreasonable.
Remain master of your mind.
Retain your sense of calm.

Inner peace can only be lost
if you allow it be taken away.

Realize that all negative emotions are entirely self-created;
they are direct manifestations of being overly self-involved;
created only by believing in the stories you tell yourself, about yourself.

When you believe that the world happens to you, rather than you to it,
you abandon responsibility for your very own consciousness;
and you turn yourself into a helpless victim.
You lose control over your very own aware presence;
which is the only thing that is truly yours.

The mind has a tendency to make things personal
that are otherwise harmless perceptions.

The ego is constantly grasping for the truth
inside of its own imagined dualities;
but it’s like a dog chasing its tail.

It can’t see that it is the source of its own problem.

When the mind is afforded too much trust;
when it’s listened to too implicitly,
without questioning its random mental manifestations
that just seemingly appear out of nowhere;
emotional unease and distress is the only result.

Deny the mind its fictional madness.
Ignore it and its illusion of power will soon fade,
and its habit of story-telling will soon become quiet.

The imagined drama will dissolve.

The mind must only be perceived—not believed.
This is the way of inner serenity.

When you remain at peace
inside your own consciousness;
all is well.

No one can harm you, but you.