You are this present knowing

You are the absolute nothingness
in which all apparent somethings
arise within and appear.

There is no thing that you are not,
as All exists within you.

Your true essence is non-being.

You are formless, not form;
you are the unlocalized Universal Consciousness
in which all that Is appears to be.

The truth of You is the timeless,
impersonal aware presence,
that is the very suchness
of all that Is.

Your being-ness;
your apparent manifestation
into this present human personhood,
is not unlike an illusion;
merely another momentary appearance,
a perception within your true Self;
the all-abiding infinite awareness,
from which arises the sense, I Am.

You are this present knowing.

Know this,
and be free of the falsities you believe.

Know thyself.

Identify not with thought,
nor with the act of thinking,
nor with any of your body’s apparent doings.
You are not this, you are not that;
you are nothing you could ever possibly imagine,
for your Truth is the empty, aware, silent presence,
in which all such perceptions appear.

Under all of the imagined melodrama,
beneath all of the emotional fallout
from the ego’s relentless striving for material pursuits;
rests the undivided peace of your true Self;
Consciousness. Existence. Bliss.

You are That.

No longer be troubled by any apparent appearances,
of thought, object, form, or so-called personal experience;
for they are all your very own emanations,
reflections of your Self.

Awaken to the quietude
of your very own natural silence,
in which all that Is, appears to appear.

Mindfully abide here and now,
in this present empty knowing.