The Clouds of Distressing Thought

words & design by Brian Thompson.

No matter their shape or size,
no matter how dominant they appear,
clouds of distressing thought
will always part.

Place your focus
onto your awareness that perceives the thought;
do not dive deeper into the thought itself,
for the thought is bottomless and has no end
—imagination has no limit.

It is infinite in all its conceived-of wonder,
it is infinite in all of its conceived-of pain.

Perceive the perceiving,
not the perception.

In so doing,
a thought's overwhelming strength will weaken.
Remain vigilant in your mental quiescence,
and its troubling presence will soon dissolve
into the cleansing light of unfettered consciousness,
where nothing but the essence of bliss can exist.

Your true Self
is not the object of your attention;
but it is that which is aware.