The End of Reason

words & design by Brian Thompson.

The less you try to make sense of things,
the more these things will begin to make sense.

Sense is devoid of reason;
logic matters not.

Nothing means anything,
except that which you feel.

The Truth cannot be captured by concept;
reality begins where all words end.

If you attempt
to comprehend life's value with the intellect,
or understand the significance of every experience with rational thought,
or surmise the essence of space, time, and being with abstract mind
—all will escape you at once.

A song needs no purpose,
other than to be sung.

Only when you stop trying
to make everything mean something,
will all meaning appear.

When something means nothing,
you’ve arrived
—there’s nowhere else to go.

This is the end of reason
—the only relevance you’ll ever need.