The Imagined Bubble of 'Me'

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Imagine a bubble.

Inside this bubble
is the word,

Can you see it
inside your mind’s eye?

Pop it.
There is no ‘me’.

Realize it is only a thought;
just like the bubble
in which it was perceived.

The only I,
is the consciousness
that perceives it.

You are consciousness;
not a thought, nor a memory;
not a perception, nor an experience;
not an opinion, nor a belief;
not a body, nor a mind.

You are not a concept;
you are the presence of awareness,
in which the entire world appears.

Do you not see,
that all things exist within you,

Life happens;
and you, consciousness,
are its ever-present witness.

When you insert the imagined ‘I’,
into your aware presence of perceiving,
it only divides reality from its beauty and perfection
with falsely believed subjective concepts and opinions.

When the falsely imagined bubble of 'me' is popped,
life becomes effortless; there is no longer a me to believe
that anything that happens is personal.

Pop your presupposing perceptions;
experience life, empty of illusions of mind.

Just Be,
without any false sense of a ‘me’,
to distort the beauty of reality.