the known and the knowing

words by Brian Thompson, photo by Jennifer Picard Photography.

you are not who you think are.

who are you?
you are not what you know,
for you are the one who does the knowing.

who are you?
you are not an accumulation of your knowledge,
nor your collected experiences.

you are the knowing itself — you are pure awareness.

look inside, deep within,
where the silence and stillness resides,
underneath all of the manifestations of mind.

who are you?
who is reading these words?
who is touching the floor with their feet?
who is aware of the sounds in your ears?
who is aware of the thoughts inside your head?

there is a difference between the known
and the one who does the knowing.

the known, is what you read.
the known, is what you sense.
the known, is what you smell — the flower, the wet dog, the peanut butter toast.
the known, is what you heard.
the known, are the mental concepts stirring from your mind.

but it’s the knowing who is the one responsible for all of this.
it is the knowing — you — who initiates the doing.

so who are you?
you are the reading, but not the idea.
you are the sensing, but not the sensation.
you are the smelling, but not the rose itself, not the dog, nor the toast.
you are the listening, but not the sound.
you are the thinking, but not the thought.

you are not the product of your actions,
you are the awareness perceiving it.

all these things exist only within your consciousness,
for where else could they possibly exist?

who are you?
you are the infinite awareness that makes all of this possible.
you are not all of the myriad things you perceive,
you are the perceiver — you are the one who does the perceiving.

you are the realization itself.

you are not your clothes. you are not your job. you are not your family.
you are not your hobbies. you are not your passions. you are not your past.

you are not what you think.

strip away all the layers of learned stuff that complicates your mind.
the real you is moment-to-moment consciousness itself, unencumbered by anything else.

who are you?

you are not a millworker from a small town.
you are not a lonely housewife from the suburbs.
you are not an investment banker from the big city lights.
you are not a starving artist trying hard to make ends meet.

you are not the final exam you flunked.
you are not the nasty name you were called on the bus.
you are not the pain you carry around from your abused past.
you are not the failure you sometimes you think you are.

you are pure awareness.

you are a timeless presence that has emerged to experience the sensations of your body in this world for a very short time.

the only thing you can ever be is the knowing — you are consciousness, experiencing itself.

allow your mind to unwrap itself so it can see its own packaging.

there is a new perspective in all of this, a new knowing to be had.
unravel these words, for i offer you a new understanding
and a new comprehension of this thing we call Self.

the subjective mind finds it hard to realize its own objective self (awareness itself).

while we each may be unique and distinct, we are not all separate like we think
— we are each a sliver of the one universal awareness that is everything.

who are you?
you the ever-blossiming awareness opening within this very moment of consciousness itself.

you are an ever-budding flower within all space and time.