The Quiescent Transcendence of Mind

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Be forever blissed
by your ongoing experience of consciousness,
rather than anything that appears within it.

Knowing is Being;
Being is knowing.

your very aware presence,
is your sense of, I Am.

This is your Self;
the only self there Is.

Know that there is nothing to know,
other than this present moment presence
that is revealed in your infinite and unbound knowing.

Its only limits are what the temporal mind infers.

Realize that mind matters not;
no longer heed its empty concerns
which it creates from false imaginings.

See it as the source
of all dis-ease and discontent
that it truly is.

Be free of your concepts.
Be free of your personalized stories.
Be free of the narrative you endlessly tell yourself about the world.
Be free of any and all such opinionated and subjective thinking.

It is your analysis, critique and questions
that create all of the problems in the world
in which you seem to suffer.

No question; no problem.

Mind will always make something out of nothing;
just leave it all alone.

Realize there is no-thing to be known by no one;
there is no knowledge and no belief needed to be had.

Abide only in the Self that watches each breath,
for there is only this present moment,
forever unravelling into,

Any sense of division that is perceived
in yourself, in others, and in the world,
is false;
it is a distinction created only by mind;
for the Truth of all experience
is one cohesive field of unified reality.

You are not inside the world;
the world is inside you.

There is nothing to be claimed
as your personal own,
for what could possibly be kept?
No experience. No thing.

All that is sensed and perceived,
is a cosmic dance of consciousness.

You are That.

I, Me and Mine
are merely an egoic idea;
not the Truth of Reality.

Transcend all limiting concepts.

It is only the mind that divides
the unified harmony of all that is,
into ideas of me and you,
and of this and that.

Know thy Self as:
the seeing that sees,
the tasting that tastes,
the hearing that hears;
the smelling that smells,
the touching of the touched.

You are the ever-present aware and silent inner witness;
the unlimited presence of effortless knowing.

There is nothing to be gained,
there is nothing to be lost;
there is nothing personal.

There is only Life, Being.

There is only absolute awareness,
forever unfolding into itself;
a continuous and effortless realization
of all that seems to appear
within the ever-present
here and now.

This knowingness,
which is all that our beingness truly is,
is a forever-flowing waterfall of vanishing appearances,
al appearing within the vast ocean of awareness,
that is our Self.

All apparent things are momentary ripples.

There is nothing to cling to,
for there is nothing to be held.

Just blissful observation,
peaceful contemplation.

No struggle.
No speculation.
Nothing lacking.
Absolute perfection.

A constant moving stillness;
a forever empty fullness.

This is the quiescent transcendence of mind.

An unborn nothingness,
forever revealing itself
as all that truly Is.