There can be no wisdom without ignorance

words & design by Brian Thompson.

There can be no wisdom without ignorance.
There can be no goodness without wickedness.
There can be no understanding without delusion.
There can be no wakefulness without sleep.
There can be no sweet without sour.

This is the Universal Way.

Realize that any attribute can only be recognized
by that which it is in contrast to;
for if there's no distinction to be found;
then its very notion cannot appear.

Thus, any juxtaposing characteristic
that seems to be one of separation or division,
is merely one of illusion;
a classification that exists only within the conceptual mind.

We create our entire world
through these subjective projections;
all of which we believe to be true.

But such distinctions have no reality
beyond their conscious observation.

In truth, all apparent things
share the same suchness;
inextricably joined in unicity,
by the one consciousness
that dreams all of them into being.

And so, there is no duality
between any opposing polarities
that appear to conflict;
for one cannot exist without the other.

All variations are expressions
arising from the unifying Absolute;
the singularity of All That Is.

All is One.

All is a perfect expression
from the emptiness of the unmanifest reality;
that which is unborn and eternally empty,
yet forever filled with infinite potential.

When you awaken to the realization
that everything you encounter is your Self,
no more struggle with life is found.
Understanding this resolves all resistance,
into the one Awareness where all is known.

Can you see now, how it’s not the extremes
of the poles of our perceptions that matter the most?
It's the complexity of variations found in-between;
for this is where the infinite colours of life come alive.

There can be no this, without that.

This is the creativity of the cosmos;
inspired by its own Self-reflections.

And such is the universal consciousness
knowing itself through its own expressions,
in all of its multiplicities of mutual co-arisings.

No matter what is perceived,
all that we ever see anywhere
is just another side of our Self.