There is nothing to search for

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Observe yourself.

Do not allow your well-being to be controlled
by neither the validation, nor rejection from others.

Their opinions are their own;
they have nothing to do with you.

If you continue to allow your happiness
to be influenced by other people's tastes, preferences and subjective opinions,
then your life is no longer yours—you’ve simply handed it over
to the delusion that defines their temporary fancies and whims.

You need no one other than your Self
to accept yourself and love yourself.

There is nothing to search for;
everything you seek is already within.

Blissfully abide in the peaceful contentment
that can only be found through realizing your own true nature;
a Self that is empty of any comparison or criticism,
a Self that is empty of any sense of lack.

Observe yourself.
You are already complete.

Do not sacrifice your Self
by chasing after the impermanent illusions of the world
which your ego has dreamed and tempts you into conforming to;
to do so is to cement yourself in a cycle of perpetual suffering;
a wanting that will never end.

Do not allow ego to control you,
by convincing you that your happiness
can only be found through acceptance from the crowd.

There is nothing to gain but disillusionment.

Only by knowing your true Self,
and by abiding in its already-perfect and infinite presence,
can your true happiness be revealed.

It is already there,
waiting for your acknowledgment;
it only needs to become known.

Observe yourself.
Know yourself.

Be mindful of where your mind wants to lead you,
and of where it wants to attach its sense of well-being;
be wise to its worldly desires.

Abide only in your aware presence of Self;
ignoring all egoic tendencies of mind.

Realize the true essence of well-being;
the Awareness that reveals all that truly and effortlessly Is.