there's a greater intelligence found beyond our words

words by Brian Thompson, photo by Jennifer Picard Photography.

there's a greater intelligence found beyond our words;
a true wisdom, found only in our silence.

we all speak this common language,
without anything ever needing to be said;
we see it in each other's eyes,
we see it in each other’s actions,
we feel it in our shared experiences,
we sense it in the energy we share
in which we’re both intimately entwined;
we even hear it in the wind.

it’s a silent conversation;
between mind and body,
between self and soul,
between the sensed and the sensing,
between the known and the knowing,
between ego and conscious awareness itself.

it’s an infinite intelligence that awaits us;
one that knows no bounds,
and never needs to be verbally expressed.

it’s there, in our quietude
where we find our true affinity;
with others, with our selves, and with our world.
it's where insight reveals itself like an unfolding flower,
found in the eternal nature of an unfettered and boundless freedom,
in the stillness and serenity of our innermost, effortless cosmos.

unfold your internal bliss;
your infinity never ends.