this is the place of our reverie

words by Brian Thompson, photo by Jennifer Picard Photography.

if whatever you do
finds its spark of inception
in the burning furnace
of the passions in your heart,

and if what you do
is imbued with the unique and undeniable,
unfiltered essence of all that is awesomely you,

and if your intent is positive and pure,
and your aspirations and ambitions are not selfish
or contaminated by the ugliness of greed,

your work will become timeless.

your art will move
beyond the superficial human realms
of commerce and academics,
fashion or artistic critique,
and you will shake the unstable foundations
on which they all falsely stand.

you will expose truth and the nature of our common being.
you will reveal the essence of what it means to be human,
something in which we can all relate,
regardless of our state, our belief, or our taste.

be enraptured with your ideas.
be enthralled with your work.
let your curiosity and wonder abound.
be rapt and riveted by your intense and vibrant spirit.
let the search for beauty be the source of all your inspiration.

let these be the creative notes your heart sings,
and your song will be heard like wind in the trees
or waves upon a shore,
it will resonate unlike anything before,
and it will forever echo in the hearts and minds
of all who seek to commune with heartfelt messages
that emanate from a connected and honest soul.

this is the place of our reverie;
found in the boundless expanse of unblemished creativity,
found in the blissful transcendence of honest and universal expression,
found within the truth of our unity.

"music in the soul can be heard by the universe”
—Lao Tzu